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Ryan McGinnis, LMSW is a psychotherapist and yoga therapist practicing in Austin, Texas. She provides individuals and couples with the support they need to gain deeper awareness, insight, and compassion. Visit this website for more information!


Ritual Therapy

Pictured above: Crystals and dried flowers are a great tool for setting a sacred tone during ritual. They do not require you to believe in magic; but rather, belief in the beauty and positivity that nature brings forth. 

Ritual Therapy

connecting modern women with ancient wisdom through ritual and ceremony

For as long as I can remember I have had a love for the sacred art of ritual and ceremony. As a child I would gather my family to honor the death of a bug or flower (still do!). As a teenager, I performed rituals, though I wouldn't have know to call them this at the time, to honor the loss of a break-up, or to call forth a particular outcome of a dance competition. 

The power of ritual has the ability to heal, transform, ground, and release. It can connect people to themselves, each other, to their community or culture, and even to the Divine. 

Aside from the dedication of certain religions to their rituals, routines, and ceremonies, our culture has lost a grasp on the necessity of these ancient tools. That's where I come in.

Read through the details of my offerings below, and please contact me with any questions or thoughts you may have. I look forward to sharing this beautiful and meaningful practice with you!

Examples of Rituals/Ceremonies Offered:

  • Home/Office/Studio Blessing
  • Betrothal Blessing
  • Fertility Blessing
  • Birth/Mama/Baby blessing
  • New Year Intention Setting
  • Birthday 
  • Menstruation Ceremony
  • Full Moon/New Moon Ritual
  • Menopausal Ceremony
  • Energy Clearing
  • Divorce/Break-up
  • Death
  • Anything else you can think up/dream/desire/wish for

I have discovered a passion for sharing ritual and ceremony with those I love, and I would love to share my passion with you too! With a lifetime of practice performing rituals, big and small, as well as extensive training in psychotherapy, yoga, and meditation, I bring my unique skills to the business of ritual creation and execution. 

You don't have to be religious, into the mystic-woo-woo, or have any previous knowledge of ritual and ceremony to invite this practice into your life. All you need is curiosity, creativity, and an open heart and mind. I'll do the rest!

The Process:

We will work together to create the experience that speaks most to your heart and spirit. You can have full control over the details, or be surprised with what I come up with; the choice is yours!


$50-150/ritual depending on the length of time required for preparation

+ $50/hr of ritual performance (meaning, if I am needed to conduct the ceremony)

+ cost of supplies (this will vary depending on ritual as well as if you want to keep the supplies used, or if I bring my own)