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Ryan McGinnis, LMSW is a psychotherapist and yoga therapist practicing in Austin, Texas. She provides individuals and couples with the support they need to gain deeper awareness, insight, and compassion. Visit this website for more information!

Retreat Offerings

SHE Retreat: A Women’s Health & wellness Event

A “Girl’s Trip” you don’t have to recover from!



So, Who is she?

SHE is Strong. She digs deep into her soul to find an inner knowing when she feels lost. She nourishes her mind, body, and spirit with food, movement, and a balanced perspective. She reaches out for help, remembering that her strength is amplified exponentially when she is in community.

SHE is Healing. Present tense. Because healing is not linear. It is not a destination to arrive at, but a journey to embark upon. She knows this, and she pursues her health and healing relentlessly. Because it is her right as a person. A woman. And she knows that when she heals herself, she heals the world.

SHE is Empowered. She has reclaimed the rights to her health. Her body. Her place in this world. She knows her strengths and knows her limits, and she is not afraid or ashamed of either of them. She is surrounded by other fearless women who support her in her evolution. She is embodied, aware, and she fiercely takes up space in this world-because she knows her worth.

SHE is a person who identifies as female. A person who identifies as caring, nurturing, giving, and loving. A goddess. A mother. Perhaps a mother of children, or of a community, or maybe a mother of fur-babies. Perhaps she is a mother in search of how to re-mother herself.

Whoever SHE is, SHE is welcome here. SHE has a seat at our table. And SHE hears the call. SHE feels the pull towards this gathering of women. SHE feels the stirring in her soul.

what can she expect?

Location: A modern, tropical home in the heart of Bouldin Creek

Time: 8:30AM-5:30PM

Date: Saturday, June 15, 2019

Investment: $250 (payable via venmo @ryanmcginnisandrews)

What’s Included (subject to change slightly):

  • Healthy and Delicious Breakfast

  • Nourishing Lunch with mindfulness exercises to maximize digestion and increase enjoyment of food

  • Group Workout for ALL bodies and levels led by Rachel

  • Group Meditation and Crystal Bowl Sound Healing led by Ryan

  • Group Mindful Movement/Trauma- Conscious Yoga (no experience necessary) led by Ryan

  • Intentional Craft Making (you will keep what you create)

  • Group Discussion and Q+A with Rachel

  • Spirit Animal Card Readings by Ryan

  • Support Group Session for Emotional Processing and Community facilitated by Ryan

  • Professional photos by Caitlin McNeil Photography

  • Swag Bag full of fun, nourishing, and local goodies

  • Rituals for setting intentions, releasing old ways of being, and creating space for health and healing

  • Relaxation/Rejuvenation time by the pool

  • A playful and meaningful bonding experience with amazing women, like YOU!

*Keep reading for more information, including how to sign up!

Your Fearless She-Leaders:

Ryan Andrews, LCSW, RYT, is a licensed psychotherapist, certified yoga instructor, mom, bonus-mom, moon cycle follower, and dance party enthusiast. She has a passion for providing quality mental health care that bridges the gap between mind and body, and draws from multiple modalities, such as yoga, meditation, hypnosis, dance, interpersonal neurobiology, and more. She has dreamt of offering retreats for years, and has decided that 2019 is the year she steps out of fear, and into trust and confidence. She is excited to partner with her trainer, dear friend, and colleague, Rachel, to provide what is her idea of a perfect day-long retreat! Ryan will be bringing her A-game in all things psycho-emotional, spiritual, and misty-woo-woo!

Follow Ryan on IG @ryanandrewstherapy for more information on this retreat, as well as for inspiration in all things mental health, wellness, and yoga/meditation!

Follow Ryan on IG @ryanandrewstherapy for more information on this retreat, as well as for inspiration in all things mental health, wellness, and yoga/meditation!

Rachel Lily Campbell, Owner of Fit4Mom Sunset Valley

Rachel is a mama and a trainer of mamas.  As owner and master trainer of Fit4MOM Sunset Valley, she has help numerous mothers reconcile their body after baby and find the necessary strength for motherhood.  Rachel has been in the fitness industry for years, but once becoming pregnant, realized the stigma and the utter lack of knowledge around pre and post natal fitness. After her son was born, she was determined to not only learn about her own new body, but to educate moms everywhere on properly working out to get their bodies back. Rachel is on a mission to change the trajectory of what post partum looks and feels like. She is a sought after resource in the community for all things fitness, breastfeeding, fueling your body mindfully, and self-care. She is most known for her tough workouts, endless energy, and her love of all things motherhood.

Follow Rachel on IG @theblondestrollermom for more information on this retreat, as well as all things motherhood, fitness, and girl power!

Follow Rachel on IG @theblondestrollermom for more information on this retreat, as well as all things motherhood, fitness, and girl power!

Can’t wait?!

Neither can we!

Check out our Eventbrite page to reserve your space. Then you will receive an invoice asking you to pay via venmo by June 1st! Easy SHE-asy!