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Ryan McGinnis, LMSW is a psychotherapist and yoga therapist practicing in Austin, Texas. She provides individuals and couples with the support they need to gain deeper awareness, insight, and compassion. Visit this website for more information!

Walk and Talk

Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest

Movement in your body creates movement in your life -Erin Stutland

Ryan now offers Walk and Talk therapy sessions in beautiful Austin, Texas! Walk and Talk therapy is a form of psychotherapy that combines the power of emotional processing under the guidance of a compassionate and knowledgable mental health provider, with the many benefits of physical movement. Ryan believes that mindful movement is a natural (and often overlooked) resource for healing, and scientific research shows that many mental health symptoms can be reduced with exercise, sunshine, and nature.

Common Questions…

What makes this different than traditional talk therapy?
Walk and Talk therapy is emerging as a new trend as an addition to regular talk therapy, or as a replacement for. A client would receive the same benefits as the regular psychotherapy approach (such as insight, guidance, a greater sense of Self, clarity, hope, emotional relief), with the added benefit of exercise and fresh air, which is proven to have positive effects on, both, the mind and the body.

Can anyone do Walk and Talk?
This approach can be beneficial for most people, but there are situations where therapy in an office may be more effective. Your needs and options will be discussed during the initial consultation. Please consult your physician before beginning this, just as you would any new movement routine.

What can I expect from a Walk and Talk therapy session?
Just as in regular talk therapy, each session is different, and is tailored to the goals and needs of you on that day. You will have the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings, or discuss whatever issue is present for you as we walk; or if silence and a more meditative, quiet movement is calling to you in the moment, we may do that as well. If at any point the conversation or movement becomes challenging, we may find a quiet place to sit until you are ready to continue. There are no rules, only to take mindful care of your mind and body and to know that you are in control of your session.

What do we do in the case of bad weather?
In the case of inclement weather, we may grab our umbrellas and go anyway, meet at an indoor venue, or at my office.

What do I wear? Where comfortable clothes for movement that are compatible with the weather forecast. Also, comfortable walking shoes are encouraged.

What if someone sees or hears us?
I will take great care in the protection of our time together, but being out in public does put us at risk for a breach of confidentiality. We will be mindful of those around us, walking at a distant from others when possible, or finding less crowded routes. We will discuss ahead of time what our plan will be in the event that someone we know approaches us. My priority is that you feel safe during our session, but if confidentiality is of main concern to you, then we will discuss alternative options (such as keeping our sessions inside the safety of my office walls).

What days and times is Walk and Talk therapy offered? I offer Walk and Talk therapy sessions on Friday mornings at 10AM, 11AM, and 12PM.

How much does it cost? A Walk and Talk therapy session costs as much as a traditional talk therapy session: $125 a session. I accept cash, credit, and check. I do not accept insurance, but am happy to provide receipts for you to submit for reimbursement.

This sounds interesting! How do we begin?
If you are curious about trying this, email me to set up an initial in-person consultation session, so that we can meet each other and discuss if this is right for you. If you are a current client and are interested in incorporating this into our work together, let me know and we can explore your options. After our initial consultation, we will pick a time and place to meet, put our walking shoes on, and get moving!