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Ryan McGinnis, LMSW is a psychotherapist and yoga therapist practicing in Austin, Texas. She provides individuals and couples with the support they need to gain deeper awareness, insight, and compassion. Visit this website for more information!

Group Therapy

"A friend. Is someone who supports your breath." -Nayyirah Waheed

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Prana Mama Yoga Therapy & Support Group

Prana Mama is an in-depth yoga therapy and support group for mothers. My intention is to create space and time twice a month for like-minded women to come together in support of one another, with a shared desire to feel, express, process, share, witness others, and be witnessed by others. It is not a parenting group, but rather, a space for women, who are also mothers, to gather together in pursuit of a common goal: mind-body-spiritual health.

This group was born from my own personal desire for connection with other women in this delicate stage of life, not only as a mother, myself, but as a woman and human being. Mothering can often feel isolating and there is so much pressure in our society to be the perfect mother, but not too perfect. To be present for your children, but also have your own life. To take time for yourself, but don't be selfish by taking too much time. The list of contradicting and ultimately damaging messages can be overwhelming! Wouldn't you like to just be yourself for an hour or two? Wouldn't you like to be able to share your thoughts and feelings, without shame, and only receive compassionate attention while doing it? I know I would. And even more than I want that for myself, I want to be able to hold space for it to happen for others. I firmly believe that when we gather together as women, in support of one another, and with curiosity and compassion, deep healing can occur. 

This group will meet 6 times over three months. After that, there is potential to extend the group, if the members so choose. During each session we will explore the use of meditation, yoga, journaling, and more, to come back into our bodies and root ourselves in the art of compassionate presence. From there we will sit for a sharing circle, in which members will be invited (though never forced) to speak their minds and hearts. As each woman shares, the group intention is not to give advice, but rather, to hold space for the sharer, and compassionately witness. Inevitably, personal thoughts or feelings may come up in response to what is shared, and there is space for this too, but we will try our best as group members to allow each other to share openly and without reaction or response. This allows each person to feel heard, seen, and held in a sacred way. 

The investment in this unique therapy group will be $300 total, which comes down to $50 per 2 hour session. 

The dates and times are TBD. 

Location is TBD, but will be conveniently located somewhere in Central Austin.

Please email me for more information, with any questions you may have, or to sign up. I look forward to this experience with you all, and have great hopes that it will be rich and profound.